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Vermont governor Scott’s historic broadband mistake

Vermont’s new governor has given his first budget address. It is, among other things, bad news for our state’s broadband situation. Our internet speeds tend to be low, which is typical for a rural American state. For several years Montpelier … Continue reading

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Homestead’s end: starting to sell our house in Vermont and what it means

After lunch Ceredwyn, Hestia, and I walked around the house.  It was unusually warm for this time of year, 39°F or about 4℃.   The skies were gray, and some mist rose up from surviving snowpiles.  It felt a bit like … Continue reading

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Rural broadband update: Fairpoint weirdness and potential governors

How can we bring broadband to rural areas? Over the past few months I’ve been blogging about our Vermont region’s struggles to get decent highspeed.  Let me update you on where things stand. Short version: there has been some potential, … Continue reading

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Rural broadband update: can the squeaky wheel get the ISP grease?

I’d like to update you on my rural broadband efforts.  (If you would like the backstory, check these posts) Over the past few weeks I and others have been pressing hard on a variety of fronts.  We’ve pinged and interviewed … Continue reading

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How bad is rural broadband? Today’s New America Foundation panel

Just how bad is rural broadband in America, and why? Today I watched a New America Foundation panel discussion on this subject, streamed, called “Fueling the Broadband Economy”.  It was hosted by Michael Calabrese, Director,  Wireless Future Project, Open Technology Institute … Continue reading

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Next steps for our rural broadband

How do things stand with our homestead’s broadband connection? Short answer: not well, but we’re starting out with some first and next steps. Longer answer: as readers have noticed, we’ve been having a hard time getting basic connectivity working at our … Continue reading

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More Fairpoint failure follies, phone edition

Recently I’ve been writing about how local internet service provider Fairpoint has been fouling up our home and business broadband.  Things haven’t gotten better.  Indeed, they’ve gotten worse, as Fairpoint now messed up our phone line. A little context: we … Continue reading

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