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Comparing two digital storytelling methods

This weekend I performed a small digital storytelling experiment.  I created one story and published it through two different venues.  Which worked better? The story is a simple one about Vermont’s winter passing unusually quickly, giving way to a surging … Continue reading

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First impressions of the New York Times VR project

This weekend the New York Times launched a virtual reality effort.  The “newspaper” published a 3d video documentary for mobile devices, and also distributed Google Cardboard sets to some home subscribers. Here are some notes based on my first impressions. … Continue reading

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Digital storytelling: practice and place

This morning I made another digital story about winter.  It’s called “No More Mrs. Nice Winter”, and although I can’t embed it here, you can just follow that link.  Here’s a sample image from it, also linked: I’ve been using … Continue reading

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A digital story about the holiday spirit and avoiding cannibalism

I made another digital story on the Cowbird platform.  It’s called “The night we almost ate the bankers“.  Cowbird liked it so much they recommended it as their story of the day – thanks, guys! Cowbird is a fascinating, perhaps … Continue reading

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Mobile and game-based storytelling

A fine new book on mobile storytelling has just appeared in print.  It’s edited by Jason Farman, and entitled The Mobile Story (Routledge, 2014; Amazon).  Articles address a wide range of issues, from augmented reality to museums, GPS, texting, and haunting. … Continue reading

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A multimedia story about Russian life

The New York Times has been developing a fine form of digital storytelling.  It’s a kind of journalism that uses a mix of maps, visualizations, images, video, and text to explore a topic in depth.  “The Russia Left Behind” is … Continue reading

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The New Digital Storytelling, reviewed

Good review from Zenpundit: The New Digital Storytelling should be the standard guide for anyone who wants to use all the new digital gadgets available to tell their story; this book is an excellent one-stop resource. …an excellent, highly readable, … Continue reading

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