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Virtual reality, class, gender, robots, and love: continuing with _Company Town_

Continuing with our near future science fiction online book club reading, let’s plunge further into Madeline Ashby’s Company Town.  You can find previous posts here. Before we go further, a quick note: book club member Tim Lepczyk  has finished the … Continue reading

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Genetic engineering, augmented reality, and the extractive economy: starting off _Company Town_

Last week a bunch of you decided to read Company Town in our near-future science fiction online book club.  Here’s a post for talking about the novel’s first third. First I’ll offer a quick summary of the plot so far. Next I’ll … Continue reading

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Our next book club reading: Madeline Ashby, Company Town

Our near-future science fiction book club continues!  Nearly 50 of you voted on our next reading, which is great. The leading candidates, based on our giant list of near-future sf, were: Madeline Ashby, Company Town; Neal Stephenson, The Diamond Age; Vernor … Continue reading

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