Headed to the EDUCAUSE conference this October and hoping to see you there

Are you thinking of going to the EDUCAUSE annual conference this October?  If so, I’m leading two sessions there, and would be delighted to see you.

The first is a preconference workshop, Digital Storytelling, Educational Technology: The State of the Art.  It will occur on Tuesday, October 30, from 12:30pm – 4:00pm local time.  Here’s the official description:

What does digital storytelling mean for education, 25 years after its creation? This session will cover digital storytelling’s state of the art, including established practices in assessment, support, technology selection, and program development.

I was also asked to list learning outcomes, which are:

  • Deeply understand digital storytelling’s potential for educational usage and transformation
  • Organize institutional support for local digital storytelling instances
  • Select and support appropriate technologies for digital storytelling projects

As is typical for my workshops this will be very interactive, with each participant supported in contributing their thoughts, questions, and perspective.  Participants will help shape the half-day’s course of action.

Much of the session will draw on my digital storytelling book, in addition to updates and new examples that have appeared over the past year.  (There’s an extra fee to attend this workshop.)

My second EDUCAUSE conference session takes place that Thursday, November 1st, from 4:15-5 pm, and is delightfully titled The Pragmatist and the Futurist.  I’m the futurist; the pragmatist is my splendid friend Michael Johnson, author, podcaster, and consultant.  (Michael wears a serious beard; our initial title for this session was “Between Two Beards”) . Together we’re going to explore major issues around education and technology strategy:

In this interactive conversation two experienced consultants share their observations about the emerging challenges to college and university’s sustainability in the 21st century. Their different experiences and perspective offer two distinct ways of approaching institutional sustainability. How can institutions survive and even thrive in a changing climate? How is the academic business model altering? Will institutions disappear? Will technology serve sustainability or drag it down? We also explore the changing nature of work and what that means for education. Are campuses ready to offer truly lifelong learning for adults who increasingly need to reskill? How do colleges and universities respond to the growing gig economy? How are business demands for learning changing? How do workers use technology to learn, and how can higher ed best deploy digital tools to prepare students for that experience?

Again, this will be very interactive, responding to audience interests.

Let me know if you’re heading to Denver for the conference, as I’m always happy to meet readers.  And please add any requests or suggestions in the comment box below.

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  1. Shana Blankenship says:

    Dear Bryan,
    I am a teacher for DoDEA in Germany, wanting to become an epic Digital Storytelling Mentor for my students . There is no possible way I can attend. Is there anyway I may participate virtually? (Digital Storytelling, Educational Technology: The State of the Art. It will occur on Tuesday, October 30, from 12:30pm – 4:00pm)

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