The stories of an avalanche

“Snow Fall” is a fascinating experiment.  It’s the story of an avalanche in the American northwest.  That story appears in text format, along the lines of long-form journalism.  But “Snow Fall” also includes well done, nicely selected multimedia, including a 3d map/flyover of the catastrophe’s location, photos from involved people, and an eerie opening video of a windblown snowscape.

In a way, “Snow Fall” is a big budget, large-scale version of what the rest of us do in Cowbird.  Coupling well-written text with chosen non-text media might be the new normal for digital storytelling.

*Meta-note: I might start doing more of these kinds of posts here.  Identifying fascinating things from the Web is something I already do elsewhere: Twitter, G+.  Maybe it’s time to take that activity closer to home.

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