Still more small colleges under threat

An Associated Press article describes more American small colleges under threat.  On the list are Dowling CollegeTrinity Lutheran University, and Iowa Wesleyan University.

Dowling is a good example of the kinds of threats higher ed is facing, and is the article’s focal point.  Readers will recognize enrollment decline, revenue declining, and tuition rising:

Dowling’s enrollment peaked at 6,379 in 2005 but dropped to 2,453 by the fall of 2014. Tuition and fees have climbed steadily, from ,530 in 2004-05 for in-state students to ,672 in 2014-15.

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Their solution isn’t closure or a queen sacrifice.

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 “Dowling announced this month it is negotiating with an ‘academic affiliation partner’ in a bid to survive.”  They are also exploring programs in drones, apparently.

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The article also mentions small colleges doing well, which makes for a good balance.  But the point remains that higher ed is facing huge pressures, and some small colleges are on the edge.

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