Peak higher education hits Bloomberg

Bloomberg logoBloomberg News caught on to the peak higher education idea this week.  They offer a different term, “the college contraction“, and add some excited language:

Small U.S. Colleges Battle Death Spiral

The article does a fine job of summarizing trends. For example, this passage hits enrollment decline, students shifting institutional types, and the queen sacrifice – in two sentences:

Dozens of schools have seen drops of more than 10 percent in enrollment, according to Moody’s. As faculty and staff have been cut and programs closed, some students have faced a choice between transferring or finishing degrees that may have diminished value.

Michael McDonald emphasizes institutional bond ratings, unsurprising given Bloomberg’s financial focus.  Note the post-recession upward spike from 2011 on:

Number of universities receiving Moody's downgrades

The article also lays out a variety of peak survival strategies: targeting new markets, increasing tuition discounts, merging campuses, staff layoffs, program closures,

(thanks to Dennis Moser for the link)

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  1. 36 universities facing financial stress after 5 years of the weakest economy in 80 years doesn’t seem like a very notable trend. (Not questioning the general concept, just that particular graph as evidence.)

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