I take on scholarly communication and the future

I’ve started a research project on scholarly communication, which has led to two publications so far.

The Future of Higher Education: an EQ column

First, a column on the future of scholarly publication, seen as part of higher education.  It’s my initial Educause Quarterly column, a series on the future of academic.

Second, “The (In)Visible College” (pdf) is a substantial white paper on the subject.  As my colleague Grace Pang put it,

Scholarly communication is undergoing a complex transformation, complete with rising journal costs, declining monograph numbers, and a rapidly evolving digital communication environment…
[I] consider how the crisis in scholarly communication impacts liberal arts campuses and makes recommendations on how to take advantage of the sea change.

More work is forthcoming in several venues, including NITLE’s blog.

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  1. Ovie says:

    This was a beautiful video. I know that this past year has been EXTREMELY rough and I know you are not lkoniog forward to this year anniversary but always remember he IS with you and always will. Through pictures, through your son, and through memories. I cannot say that only time will heal the pain cause it won’t. It never will, you will alway have pain and sorrow. You lost your soulmate, you love and your best friend! We all miss Bryan but I just can’t imagine how you feel. Just know that we are all here for you and praying for you and your son! He is getting so big! You will always have apart of him, though your son! If you ever need anything Erin let me know! My heart goes out to you! I too am from a military family, my father and brother are in the National Guard. I have been blessed with having both of them still in my life. But the horror of loosing them lingers deep in my mind! Take care and stay strong, you are doing an amazing job!

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