Reading Horton and Freire into 2017

Our reading of We Make the Road By Walking continues in the new year.  Different people have been posting about their progress at their own pace, sharing reflections for the general conversation.

We muddy the road by walking, Alan Levine(You can read previous blog posts and comments discussing chapters 1-2, 3, 4, and 5-6.  There are also two posts exploring the book club’s creations: 1, 2.  Here, too, is the post describing the reading’s plan, which we’ve actually followed.)

Samantha Veneruso started reading the book, only to launch a running discussion with her mother about it, as they each took turns reading and annotating the same copy.  Both mother and daughter are teachers. What a rich conversation.

…let me tell you a little about my mom. She is almost 77. She retired from teaching 13 years ago, only to begin a second teaching career in her retirement at the institution where I teach. It is kind of a full circle, as I began my teaching career, over 20 years ago at the institution where she taught…

Teaching through the generations, as Autumm Caines put it.

Laura Ritchie dove into chapter 4 and returned with some very powerful learning.  She also plumbed chapter 3.  Adam Croom , believing he’s created a doppel-being named “Adam Levine”, reflected on his energetic creation process of reading and engaging with readers.  Alan (not Adam) Levine pounced on the notion of neutrality and applied it to social media, the American presidential election, and making.  Jason Griffey connected Cogdog’s post to one of his on the same theme via Twitter.

People continue to post on Twitter, using the #HortonFreire tag.  Liz Becker, finishing the book, reminds us of the challenge of time:

User Actions Following Liz Becker ‏@Ellsbeth Education reform won't happen overnight. It will take time and involve much struggle. #HortonFreire

Ken Bauer shared a bunch of good quotes.

This tweet from RaceAndRomance appeared…

Starting a soup kitchen; RaceAndRomance tweet

retweeted by Kyle Johnson, who observes:

"OK, I know the folks in this retweet might not get it, but to my #HortonFreire reading group, this sounds like Highlander."

Yes it does.

So what next?

Please keep on reading, folks who are in mid-chapters.  Keep sharing your reactions.

Over on Twitter, the hashtag can anchor our discussion.

And I have some final thoughts.  And then we’re onto our next book!

(muddy road photo by Alan Levine)

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