The future of education: an upcoming video presentation

On April 5th I’ll speak on the future of education, through NITLE’s videoconference platform.

Here’s an outline:

We begin this session with an overview of futuring methods. These include trend extrapolation, the Delphi method, prediction markets, and scenarios. Each is described and supported by examples. Next we consider the results of some of these methods. The latest Horizon Report is summarized, as a sample Delphi product. Finally, we update the audience on trends spotted by the NITLE prediction markets and conclude by presenting three scenarios for higher education in 2022.

Here’s a note on how NITLE and I prefer to do videoconferences and webinars:

Audience participation is warmly invited throughout. NITLE staff will monitor several backchannels to bring in a broader audience.

Looking forward to seeing people from the NITLE Network there.

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