Talking about a new higher education startup

Last week I was on a podcast discussion about a new higher ed startup.  MissionU offers an interesting mix of apprenticeship, funding, timeline, and ethos.  Jeff Young wrote it up earlier this month, interviewing both myself and my friend Gardner Campbell.

Jeff then invited a crowd to talk about MissionU on the EdSurge podcast.  Gardner and I came in, along with MissionU’s founder, Adam Braun, and Marie Cini, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs at the University of Maryland University College.  For an hour we bashed around views and challenges:

The results are pretty complex and interesting.  It’s clear that MissionU strikes a bunch of post-secondary education nerves, from finance (debt, affordability) to politics (the role of for-profits) to the meaning of education.  In other words, talking about this startup triggered conversations going beyond MissionU itself.

At the same time, what Adam is doing is fascinating and ambitious.  So I’m looking forward to having him as a Futures Trends Forum guest next month.

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  1. Taylor Kendal says:

    Appreciate this very timely bit of context — I have a call tomorrow with an “i not y” Brian from MissionU to discuss their growth strategy. I’ll write a piece myself and I’ll be sure to reference this great podcast/contextual layer. MissionU represents a trend that anyone serious about education should be deeply tuned into.

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