My Patreon supporters are awesome

As we approach 2020’s midpoint, I wanted to take a moment to thank the fine people who support my work on Patreon.

As an independent futurist, I can only do this work with the help of kind supporters.  111 folks now contribute each month to help me research the future of higher education.

Some of them contribute $10 or more each month, and so I memorialize and celebrate them with this Living Wall of Credits:
Patreon wall of credits 2020 June 18

It means so much when people around the world take time to reach out like this.  It’s enormously validating.  And I both enjoy and appreciate the conversations we have on the Patreon site.  Patreons give excellent feedback on my new ideas and raise great topics.  It’s a fine network.

Not everyone can do this, especially those in nations and areas hit so hard by the COVID recession/depression.  I  appreciate very much the circumstances and kind notes  some have sent, which mean a great deal.

Join these fine Patreons if you’re able!

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  1. Glen S McGhee says:

    I loved the graphic 😉

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