In silver memory

On this day in 1993 Ceredwyn and I were married in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Bryan and Ceredwyn wedding photo in frame

In Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1993.

All that morning rain threatened or actually occurred, giving us the agita of activating contingency planning along with trying hard not to think of grim omens. Driving through drizzle I reached the site early (as the groom, my arrival wasn’t supposed to be dramatic) and found the clouds receding. Cars started to arrive, many still wet from the rain they traveled through to get to the site, but dried in the emerging sun there.  The rain stayed away for us for the ceremony. That was a better omen.  A true omen.

25 years.  What an outrageous period of time for us.  Nothing in our lives has lasted this long.  Not our eldest child’s life so far (22, somehow), nor our residence in any American state.  Certainly no job or particular swathe through education took 25 years.  This bit of writing and images occurs on a blog, a technology that isn’t even 20 years old.

A quarter century. It makes us feel old, historic.

Bryan Ceredwyn in tintype

The recovery of old crafts is one thing that happened in the world this quarter-century.

It’s all too much to summarize.  I could write about homes, children, jobs, travel, pets, bills, cars, successes, sadness, things still in process, opportunities opening up down the road.  The metaphors come easily, cheesily, an adventure or journey being the easiest ones.

Bryan Ceredwyn about to hike

About to hit Vermont’s Long Trail.

I can dwell on Ceredwyn for a while.  She’s my Morticia Addams, my dark muse, my creepy love.  The mother of my children.  My homesteading partner.  My business partner.  My creative genius.  My love. My love.

Ceredwyn in summer garb

She created the entire outfit.

She’s a lifesaver, too.  Ceredwyn is an EMT, for one, racing across the mountain to rescue people.  For another, she teaches people to be EMTs, and acts as a chaplain for emergency services teams.  For a third, she’s saved my life in various ways and instances.

Ceredwyn EMT

Twenty five years of blended our biographies, creating a joint life.  We image and imagine each other, reflecting and being reflected upon.

Ceredwyn and Bryan in mirror

That’s enough for now.  It’s morning here, and things are in process.  We have to take our son to visit Battleship Cove., return to the Lizzie Borden B+B, then drive home to check on the house and try to get some alone time.

Happy anniversary, my beloved.  I love you more than worlds.

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9 Responses to In silver memory

  1. Claudia Holland says:

    This is the sweetest, kindest gift you could ever give your wife on this momentous occasion, Bryan. I’m sure your actions mimic your words.
    Happy anniversary to you both!

  2. Roxann Riskin says:

    Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary! I wish for you both, 25 plus years of more beautiful days and memories! Beautiful Ceredwyn! You are both so very, very Awesome!

  3. Scott Robison says:

    So touching. If we could all experience such rich experiences and relationships! A very happy silver anniversary to you both!

  4. Alan Levine says:

    Congrats to you both, your love and devotion are vividly clear, go for another 25! Or more.

  5. Bryan Alexander says:

    Thank you all for the sweet thoughts, Claudia, Roxann, Scott, and Alan.

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