I become a figure of dread, briefly

Last night I was accidentally part of a strange little scene.

Before going to bed I went down to this hotel’s business center to print out a few pages for tomorrow’s workshop.  I fired up the computer, got online, grabbed the document I needed, and set to.

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You have to know that the “business center” is actually a nook near the hotel lobby.

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  It consists of one computer and one printer on a small table set behind a staircase, adjacent to a big, wall-mounted tv screen.  The area is not very well lit.  It is hard to see from the front desk, just twenty feet away.

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So I was fiddling with Chrome, Word, and font sizes.  After a minute a hotel staffer came around the staircase corner and sees me. Immediately she gasped, clutched her chest, and actually tilted over a little, leaning on the corner for support.

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Concerned, I immediately apologized and asked if she was ok. Her reply came back in a breathless near-stutter: “I thought you were … the shadow driver!”


“The shadow driver!”

Well, it turned out that I misheard (I was very sleepy) and she wasn’t speaking clearly (she was startled). It emerged that what she meant to say was “the shuttle driver.” That person was supposed to be somewhere else at the moment, or not there at all.

But I’d rather be the shadow driver any day.

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10 Responses to I become a figure of dread, briefly

  1. When the Shadow Driver drives you…
    you’re not going to the airport.

  2. Hee! Here he comes, clutching his papers! The ones that spell your dooooooooom!

  3. Who knows what evil lies in the heart of men? The Shadow Driver.

  4. Bryan,
    What a great story! I can imagine you’re not the figure one would wnt to be surprised by ona dark and story nnight—until you smiled, thhat is!

  5. This could spin in to a great sci-fi novel!

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