A splendid award from the Council of Independent Colleges

November is turning out to be quite a month.

Here I don’t mean for the world.  The world is definitely having a major November, especially in the US.  We’ve seen a major national election in the United States, a booming pandemic in America and Europe, and more.  No, today I mean November for me, personally.

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Earlier this month I was honored by an Association of Professional Futurists award for Academia Next.  The APF deemed my most recent book to be one of 2020’s Most Significant Futures Works.

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  It was a great honor.

Now it’s not even December yet and another award has come my way.

I’ve written about the Council of Independent Colleges previously.  CIC is a 64-year-old association of nearly 700 private American campuses.  For example, in 2015 and 2016 I described their innovative inter-campus humanities seminar collaborations.  In 2016 I noted their hosting a fine, radical discussion for college presidents.  CIC brings together folks to think hard, network well, and get things done.

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  They do important, good work.

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So I was truly delighted to receive the 2020 Council of Independent Colleges Academic Leadership Award last week.

They announced it thusly:

Bryan N. Alexander is the recipient of the 2020 Academic Leadership Award for his visionary scholarship and creative contributions to digital learning and pedagogical innovation.

Since the event was virtual, I recorded a video acceptance:

I am indeed honored and humbled by this award.  The recognition from academic leaders tells me my unusual work is of value to those thoughtfully guiding campuses through hard times.

I also love that the award text draws attention to networking and communities.  These people are why I do this work, and the reason the work can succeed.  That includes you, dear reader, reading and sometimes writing back to this blog.

Thank you, CIC.  I wish you and your affiliated institutions the very best 21st century.  I hope I can help you to the best of my abilities.

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9 Responses to A splendid award from the Council of Independent Colleges

  1. Nicholas Santilli says:

    Congratulations, Bryan! Well deserved. Keep at it!

  2. That’s a fine bit of calligraphy. So much nicer in this modern age than the standard computer laid out and laser printed statement of achievement. Congratulations! (Next time, ask for marginalia too!)

  3. Sally Mudiamu says:

    Congratulations Bryan. Your voice is so needed.

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