One glimpse into the future of higher education

I offer a very short glimpse into the future of education within this recent Pew report.

It reads like so:

Bryan Alexander, senior fellow for the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE), envisioned that, “By 2020 we will see: 1) A split between teaching and research faculty. Teaching faculty will largely be part-time, ill-paid, and expected to do no research.

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Research professors will teach little (perhaps the occasional grad student) and focus on grant-funded research. 2) Distance learning will be normative.

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A majority of students have taken at least one online class by age 16.

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The default for learning is online at this point.

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3) Number of college campuses will dwindle. Those that survive will emphasize: face-to-face experiences; campus grounds (beauty, history, charm); charismatic teachers; a sense of tradition (meaning mid-20th century, but aiming for an older time).”

The whole report is, unsurprisingly, very worth your time.

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