How higher education might respond to the climate crisis: an introductory interview

How might colleges and universities engage the climate crisis?

Bringing Theory to Practice LogoI was recently honored to be interviewed on that topic by the Bringing Theory To Practice team.  In the most recent issue of their Bringing It newsletter BT2P asked very good questions, then kindly edited my responses with admirable clarity and concision.

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I spoke to the themes of my  Universities on Fire, so this interview is a good introduction to that book.

One context was my involvement in BT2P’s Paradigm Project about reimagining undergraduate education, and I spoke to that movement.  (Here’s our Future Trends Forum introduction to Paradigm)

Thank you to Paul, David, and the whole BT2P team for their kind hosting!

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One Response to How higher education might respond to the climate crisis: an introductory interview

  1. Bryan – Thank you for your thought leadership on climate change as it relates to higher education. Your talking points at the Textbook Affordability Conference (TAC) in November 2022 were spot-on and we eagerly await your upcoming book.

    One step our company, VitalSource, has taken is to make our institutional course materials programs carbon-neutral via VerbaOne equitable access. We announced this at ICBA’s (Independent College Bookstore Association) annual conference earlier this month. We too recognize that campus leaders are, and will be, pressed to demonstrate sustainable practices. Digital-first course materials offer carbon reductions and our investment in additional avoidance measures will, hopefully, tip leaders into a new area to consider for their climate initiatives.

    This is an area we are passionate about, just like you and your readers. Though course materials programs may not be the biggest emitter, it is one of many steps we will all need to take together in the coming years.

    Best of luck with the book launch! ~Kristopher

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