A door, a paradox, and a parable

Yesterday I visited a United States federal building in Washington, DC.  I strode along its long frontage, looking for doors to enter, as many were closed.

Then I found this one:
door entrance paradox

I meditated on this for a while, as a kind of visual Zen koan.

Chuckling, I took this photo, pocketed my phone, found a less cognitively confusing door, and entered.

Inside was a security checkpoint, with several Homeland Security officers.  One looked straight at me and asked, “Why were you taking photographs of the building?”

I tried to explain the humor, but it didn’t go over well.  He didn’t think it was funny.

Readers may draw their own conclusions.

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5 Responses to A door, a paradox, and a parable

  1. margit watts says:

    Absolutely hilarious…and unfortunately a bit “telling”…..

  2. Mark Klitzke says:

    Security people lose their humor once they clock-on. It is part of their training.
    Perhaps you should be thankful that only questions were asked, and nothing more.

  3. Tatiana Goodwin says:

    As long as they are not drawing the door, presumably.

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