A global futures event is happening online this November

I’m very excited to share news of an upcoming futures event taking place online later this autumn.  It’s one I’ve worked on, and want to invite you all to check it out.

On November 9th the Association of Professional Futurists (of which I’m a board member) is holding an online Futures Festival.  Its theme is Radical Transformations:

We see ‘radical’ not as something negative, but to stand for nontraditional, visionary, creative, ingenious. We seek people and projects harnessing disruptive ideas to upend the status quo, challenging the dysfunctional, restructuring political and civic engagement, addressing social and environmental problems, and reframing extremist agendas (to name a few examples).

Those presentations and discussions will start at 7 am UTC (3 am EDT) and end at 7 pm (3 pm EDT).  That’s twelve hours of futuring. Did I mention that the event is free and open to all?

Why those hours?  Because the event is global, aiming to involve as many people from around the world as possible.  We are especially focused on representation from populations typically underrepresented in forecasting.  (You can see that strategy in the festival team‘s makeup.)

Speaking of which, there is room for more presenters.  If you are able to speak to your own radically transformed future vision, click here.  The process is very welcoming!  In fact, a previous presenter wrote up their experience as a guide. And there’s more info:

Sessions are in a variety of formats, and range in length from 30 to 60 minutes, including time for group discussions. In addition to your live session, your FF’19 video recording will be publicly accessible and promoted through social media after the event.

Of course, you can register as a participant – again, for no cost – right here.  All are welcome.

The event has a social media presence.  These hashtags should let you track things across Instagram and Twitter:  #futuresfest19 and #radicalfutures.

Please join us on November 9th as a participant, presenter, or both.

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