Tomorrow: inside college admissions, with Jeff Selingo

How do colleges and universities decide whom to admit in 2020?  Which aspects of an applicant’s background matter the most?  What are the controversies within admissions?  And where is that crucial part of higher education headed?

Selingo_Who Gets In and WhyWe’ll dive into these questions tomorrow, with the help of a brilliant guest.  I’m delighted to welcome Jeff Selingo back to the Future Trends Forum.  Jeff just published Who Gets In and Why (our bookstore; Jeff’s page), a new book on college admissions.  It’s based on his embedding with three different campuses (Davidson College, Emory University, and the University of Washington), looking closely at how each one composed their incoming classes.  Who Gets In is also based on Selingo’s lifetime of thoughtful reporting on higher education.

A quick bio sketch for those who don’t know him: Jeff has published several books including New York Times bestsellers. Named one of LinkedIn’s “must-know influencers” of 2016, Jeff is a regular contributor to the Washington Post and a visiting scholar at Georgia Tech’s Center for 21st Century Universities.  Jeff is a special advisor for innovation to the president at Arizona State University, where he is the founding director of the Academy for Innovative Higher Education Leadership.  He is the former top editor of the Chronicle of Higher Education, where he worked for 16 years in a variety of reporting and editing roles.

Jeff is not new to the Forum.  Not only have I been recommending him to the community for years, but he was also a great guest back in 2017.

Our session starts at 1:30 pm EDT, a little earlier than usual.  Click here to register ahead of time – for free, of course, as always – or click to join us during the appointed hour.

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2 Responses to Tomorrow: inside college admissions, with Jeff Selingo

  1. Dahn Shaulis says:

    Gary Roth (“The Educated Underclass”) will present a more critical perspective in the College Meltdown. The piece is titled “The (College) Dream is Over.” I guess it’s not over for families that are well off, but not for most people who work for their money.

    Just wondering, will there be more transparency about the private colleges that are most in peril?

  2. Michelle Weiss says:

    Hi Bryan – any chance this session will be recorded?

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