Today, a video-presentation-network experiment

Today we’re going to try something new.

We’re going to combine a keynote address with a Future Trends Forum video session.

How will this work?  Let me explain…

Starting at 2 pm Eastern Time I will launch our weekly Forum conversation.  This time we’ll begin by sharing observations and thoughts about the major trends reshaping education and technology.

Physically, I’ll be seated at a conference hall stage.  That’s because at around 2:30 I’m offering the closing keynote to the DT&L conference.

While I address the crowd I’ll speak to the Forum at the same time.  I expect questions and comments will surface.

At about 3:15 pm I’ll cease my peroration and turn to questions.  Those questions will flow from the Forum community, from Twitter, and from the conference live crowd.

That’s Robin DeRosa when she was a Forum guest. She opened the DT&L conference this year.

How will those populations interact?  Can we successfully combine a face-to-face speech with the videoconference format?  Will we melt down the internet and create the Singularity?

Join us and find out!  You can register ahead of time here or just jump in, live, starting at 2 pm ET.



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