Today, a Future Trends Forum Extra

Today we’re offering an experiment with the Future Trends Forum.  I’m calling it a Forum Extra.

See, last week professor Michelle Miller appeared on the Forum to discuss her research into the science of learning, based on her book, Minds Online: Teaching Effectively with Technology (Harvard University Press, 2014).  Our discussion was incredibly energetic, with participants flinging tons of questions, and Michelle answering them richly and generously.

The hour flew by.  By 3+ pm eastern time we had to end the session, but had a raft of unanswered questions.  I didn’t want to lose them, so I forwarded them to professor Miller.  She generously offered to answer them on video.

I took this to my Shindig friends and to my Patreon supporters, and they loved the idea.  We dubbed this supplemental Forum an “Extra,” like DVD extras, and will run it today.  You can join us from 1-2 pm eastern time.  We’ll record and publish it to YouTube, as usual.

What do you think of the idea?  Should we do more of these Extras, depending on the session and guest?

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