This week’s Future Trends Forum: Anya Kamenetz, testing, and the future of schools

Anya KamenetzTomorrow – Tuesday, March 15 – the Future Trends Forum will host Anya Kamenetz.  Anya is a familiar figure to many readers, having written a series of widely read books, serving as a frequent commentator on higher education, and currently writing for National Public Radio.

We will begin the conversation by discussing testing and how it’s changing over the next few years.

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 We will then return to the subject of an earlier book of Anya’s, the DIY education movement, to see how its various components are bearing out.

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What questions and topics would you like us to address?

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Click here to RSVP, or just to plunge on it if it’s the hour of the event.

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For more information about Anya Kamenetz, you can visit her website, subscribe to her newsletter, read her NPR blog, or check out her books: The Test, DiYU, and Generation Debt.

For more information about the Future Trends Forum, check out previous posts on shows already done and those yet to come.

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