This week and the next on the Future Trends Forum

Here’s an update on the Future Trends Forum for early July.

This week we’re on break.  There’s a big American holiday, but also my wife and I are celebrating our 23rd anniversary.

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 So we are taking some downtime.

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Bryan and Ceredwyn wedding photo in frame

In Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1993.

(FTTE readers, don’t despair.  This month’s report is coming out in a couple of days, right on schedule.

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 I’m not completely slacking.)

Brad WheelerNext week we’re back on schedule, and with a terrific guest.  Brad Wheeler is Vice President for IT and CIO for Indiana University and one of the leading chief information officers in higher education.  He’s also the leader of the Unizin collaborative.  I plan on asking him about what Unizin is up to, as well as discussing the role of technology in higher education’s near future.

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Please leave your questions and comments at the end of this post.

Also coming up is a blog post examining participants’ views of how the Future Trends Forum works and what they’d like to see.  I was delighted by the extent and richness of feedback.

PS: if you’re the romantic and/or steampunkish sort, here’s a real tintype photo taken of Ceredwyn and I a few weeks ago.
Bryan Ceredwyn in tintype

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