This Thursday, Future Trends Forum with Will Richardson

Will RichardsonOn Thursday Will Richardson and I will take the Future Trends Forum stage to explore what’s coming next for education, focusing on K-12 and technology.

Will (blog, Twitter) is an expert in technology and secondary education, being one of the first great edubloggers and a passionate, experienced teacher. He’s become a prolific writer, a consultant, and a speaker.  In addition Will helped launch Educating Modern Learners.

We’re going to start off by looking into the future of secondary education and American K12 as a whole.  Then we’ll review social media and learning to see where that’s headed, followed by discussing what Will has learned about changing education through the work of multiple authors he’s published via Modern Learners and Solution Tree.  Alongside all of that, we’re anticipating good audience questions!

You can post some questions here, in fact, before the event.

Here’s the direct link for the free event:

This is the fourth Future Trends Forum.  You can read about, listen to, and watch previous Fora by checking previous posts on this blog.

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