The next five Future Trends Forum sessions

Greetings, Future Trends Forum friends!

I’d like to announce guests for next week and also the entire month of December.  We’re actually scheduling as far out as February 2018, and I wanted to give you all a heads-up about our fine guests and topics.

Coming up:

November 28: Ithaka S+R senior researcher Rayane Alamuddin and professor Robert Kelchen of Seton Hall University will discuss the important and just-released report “Higher Ed Insights”.   This surveys college and university leaders about their views concerning higher education in the present and future.  (Click here to RSVP)

Rayane Alamuddin

Rayane Alamuddin

December 7: Chris Jagers, CEO of LearningMachine, a startup seeking to get student records on blockchain technology, will discuss blockchain’s possibilities – and current uses – in education.

December 14: Liv Gjestvang, Associate Vice President for Learning Technology The Ohio State University and winner this month of the EDUCAUSE Rising Star Award, will share her thoughts about educational technology, changing the pace of work, and collaboration.

December 21: Mike Caulfield, director of blended and networked learning at Washington State University Vancouver and director of the Digital Polarization Initiative, will discuss digital literacy.

December 28: we will hold our annual Forum holiday session.  That means lighthearted silliness, complete with fun hats, high tech, and, likely, champagne. (Here’s last year’s Forum party)

Each session takes place from 2-3 pm EST.

I’ll have questions for each guest (maybe even at the party).  More importantly, you’ll have the chance to ask your own. After all, the way the Forum works is that all attendees can ask our guests questions, engage and collaborate with other leaders in education technology, and also invite friends and colleagues to join.

To RSVP for the Ithaka S+R session, or to just jump in when it starts at 2 pm EST on November 28th, click here.

To find more information about the Future Trends Forum, including notes and recordings of all previous sessions, click here: .

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