One leading CIO looks at campus data and collaboration

Last week Brad Wheeler, Indiana University’s chief information officer, appeared on the Future Trends Forum to discuss what he saw happening in higher ed and technology.  Brad also spoke to the Unizin collaborative.

David Raths just wrote up an excellent account on the Campus Technology site.  He identifies key points, including Wheeler’s argument for a new approach to campus information and a mature approach to building inter-institutional collaboration, informed by recent history.

Brad Wheeler, Bryan Alexander on the Forum, by Curtis Bonk


“It is pretty exciting that we can go from faculty-authored content delivered through a platform owned by the academy to all the digital tracks coming off of it into repositories owned by the academy that are available for IRB-approved research,” he said. “We don’t have to ask for our data back.

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It is our data, and our students’ data.

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That is an important thing for the future.

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We are hoping to enable the means of improving digital education through the institutions being able to assert a much greater degree of control around content, learner interaction platforms and analytics.

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(screenshot by Curtis Bonk)

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