Future trends in technology and education – tomorrow, online

This week’s Future Trends Forum is a little different. Instead of having a guest, I’ll take the stage and investigate 2016’s leading trends in education and technology.

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This is all new material, nothing that’s been presented live anywhere else.

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 Faithful FTTE readers will, of course, have an edge.

Please join me and the rest of the mob in Shindig tomorrow.  That’s Thursday, March 10th, from 2-3 pm EST.

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 As usual, there’s no charge; just RSVP at the link or just click on it at the appointed time.  And if the travel gods are kind, I’ll be online in a new location.

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torrents of spring in late February 2016

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  1. brittongm says:

    The word “antediluvian” comes to mind!

    Stay safe,


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