300 videos: the Future Trends Forum passes another milestone

Today the Future Trends Forum passed a major milestone.

Yesterday we hosted two favorite guests, Maya Georgieva and Emory Craig, to explore extended reality (XR) and its connections to higher education and the web3 idea. The Forum community came up with a range of questions and thoughts for Maya and Emory. Together they shared a lot of information, analysis, and experience, from institutional structures to faculty development, details of specific technologies, and the future of higher education. We also had a lot of fun.

Forum Maya and Emory laughing 2022 March

Today I uploaded that session’s recording and the Forum hit a milestone as a result. Our YouTube playlist now contains three hundred (300) recordings.

Forum YouTube 300th video on playlist

Since we launched in early February, 2016, the Forum has successfully published three hundred videos to YouTube.  Week after week, month by month, over more than six years we’ve held great conversations, then shared them with the world, free of charge.

That’s a huge amount of content, by the way. We cover a wide range of topics, both at the top level (each session’s nominal subject) and where conversations take us, from admissions and blended learning to teaching and web3. In fact, the topics became so vast I had to set up a webpage just to organize them:

Future Trends Forum Index screenshot

My thanks go to the guests who donated their hours to meet with us. Many thanks to the fabulous Forum community who make it all work through their conversation and support.  Many thanks, too, to Shindig for sharing their cool technology with us.

300 videos.  And more are coming up.  Here’s to 500!


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  2. Pou says:

    It’s great to see this video. It is true that nowhere can escape the traces of time.

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