Top campus IT trends: our new report

I just finished working on a research report for the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR). It’s a deep dive into the major trends shaping campus IT work and environments.

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“Trend Watch 2017: Which IT Trends Is Higher Education Responding To?” breaks down trends based on their prevalence among survey respondents.  This gives a more detailed view of technology practice and thinking than a simple overview.

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 It’s aimed at campus technology leaders, including chief information officers, but should be beneficial for anyone working on or thinking about educational technology.

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The first two categories in the trends are those that impact roughly one half of campuses:

Top IT trends: most commonly seen

You can see many classic themes, including a variety of challenges: security, safety, risk management, complexity, increasing regulation.  Note the importance of data, especially in terms of student work – those are two of the top three trends.

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The middle of the trends ranking includes forces that aren’t universally felt, but that look important and worth considering:

Top IT trends: middle layer

Here we see a large number of operational and institutional forces, from relationships with vendors and faculty to organizing work on desktops and within collaborations.

Below that are the least popular trends:

top IT trends: least commonly reported

These may well be emergent forces, which we’re just beginning to see appear.

Taken together, these results offer a kind of roadmap for the changing nature of campus technology.  They also illustrate where and how emerging technologies meet institutional reality.

For more thoughts and analysis, check the report.

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