Tomorrow: should educational technology become an academic discipline?

eddy-maloneThis week the Future Trends Forum explores the idea of turning educational technology into an academic discipline.

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 On Thursday, September 15th, from 2-3 pm EDT, I’ll be joined by professor Edward Maloney, from Georgetown University’s Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship.

An English professor, Eddie is also spearheading a drive to rethink academic computing as a new field, one infused by design principles and relying on the new science of learning.

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For more information on this topic, Inside Higher Ed has a good article on the project.  I participated in an early meeting, and wrote up my thoughts about it.

On Thursday attendees can ask our guest questions, engage and collaborate with other leaders in education technology, and also invite friends and colleagues to join.

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To RSVP ahead of time, or to jump straight in on Thursday at 2, click here:

To find more information about the Future Trends Forum, including notes and recordings of previous sessions, click here: .

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