Launching a new project: Future Trends in Technology and Education

This week I’m starting a new project.  It’s a monthly email newsletter called Future Trends in Technology and Education, or FTTE.

It’s the successor to the Future Trends report I created for the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE).  FTTE has the same mission as its precedessor: to track recent developments in education, especially those driven by digital technologies, with the ultimately goal of discerning forces driving the future of academia.

The report appears once a month, and consists of a pdf with text (mostly) (very economical), images (charts, tables), and extensive footnotes.  I’ll upload samples to this site shortly.  Each FTTE issue develops via the Web, as I use Twitter and this blog to find, share, get feedback on, test out new stories and evidence.

It’s a new effort, a pilot, an experiment.  That means I’m eager for feedback.  I’ll also be tweaking things over the next months, seeing what works best.

Subscription is free.  Information on FTTE lurks on this page.

What people think futurists do

I’d like to thank the many people who have helped me create this offering, including those who contributed news items, resources, and strategic advice.

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  1. Lee Tae Woong says:

    I really interesting about your article. So I want to follow your efforts. Thanks!!

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