More reactions to the NMC digital literacy report

More responses to the NMC digital literacy report keep rolling in.  I’m getting to each one as time permits.

Campus Technology published a very good overview of the briefing.  Sri Ravipati does a fine job working through the briefing’s actual contents, then adds to it a discussion of last week’s Future Trends Forum with the report’s co-author and organizer Samantha Becker.  On top of that Sri adds some interviewing to flesh out details, then links to two of my blog posts about the research going into the NMC document.

Meanwhile, eCampusNews also shared a short article about the report.  Laura DeVaney focused on the report’s observations and recommendations.

I’m glad that both articles zeroed in on my three-fold model, and also picked up on the recommendations to institutions.  I’m especially impressed at Sri’s willingness to dig into the topic across numerous sites.


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