A new digital literacy project begins, and is looking for examples

Here’s a new initiative I’m working on, and a chance for you to participate.

I’m leading a project with the New Media Consortium (NMC) to conduct further independent research into higher education’s digital literacy landscape. This project will be positioned as a follow-up to our initial work in 2016 on the NMC Horizon Project Strategic Brief > Digital Literacy. In addition to expanding upon the preliminary definitions outlined in the first report, we will now include even more global information and context.

We will also engage in deeper exploration of the use of and impact of digital literacy frameworks and initiatives on specific disciplines, including humanities, business, computer science, and general education/introductory courses mandated for first-year students. This research will contribute to the body of knowledge used by the higher education community to inform strategic planning around digital literacy initiatives.

Funding for this non-commissioned research will be underwritten by Adobe. The NMC and I will conduct independent research and publish an unbiased strategic brief.

Submit a digital literacy example buttonOne piece of this research involves looking for more examples of higher education institutions actually running digital literacy initiatives.  They can be campus-wide or single-departmental, based in libraries or in writing centers.  If you are working on or know of one such, please head to this short form and tell us about it!

I’ll share more updates as they come, in my usual spirit of transparency.

Click here for more of my digital literacy work.

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