Digital literacy and Open Learning: the final day

AAC&U MOOC 2017Today is the last day of a week of digital literacy discussion, part of the Open Learning MOOC.

The topic: the future of digital literacy.  To encourage you I’ve recorded some thoughts.

In addition to our ongoing, even irrepressible Twitter conversation, we’ll have a Twitter live chat from 12-1 pm eastern standard time.   Both of these use, as ever, the hashtag #OpenLearning17.

Bonus content: a new digital literacy politics.   For entertainment, Jacksfilms runs a contest on creating fake news.

If you’d like to catch up on this Open Learning MOOC project, check my post outlining the week’s resources and assignments.  Look at the course’s main site. Feel free to listen to my audio introduction to digital literacy and why it matters for open education and/or to partake of the Twitter conversation (hashtag #OpenLearning17) .

(music for today’s audio track comes from Lightbath)



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