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Today I’m taking in a gallery walk of student work.  This is for the academic program I teach in, Georgetown University’s Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT) master’s degree.  I’m busting with pride about what the students have accomplished, and that makes me want to invite more people to join them.  Who wants to study with me and my brilliant colleagues?

Georgetown library steps

LDT’s goal is to “give… students a broad conceptual foundation in the theories of learning and teaching coupled with real world experience in faculty development, educational technology, and instructional and learning design.”

Along those lines students take great classes in learning research methods, design thinking, creativity, learning analytics, technology and innovation, and the university as a design problem.  Electives cover topics from blockchain to gaming in education, creativity to speculative critical design for anti-racism.  Students start the program in August with an intensive one-week introductory class.

I teach, co-teach, cat-herd, or help some of these classes.  Tech and innovation is the biggest one, a multidisciplinary dive into technologies and how innovations occur (fall 2021 edition). The future of higher education is a seminar I created from scratch and which relies most on my own current research (fall 2022 instance).  Education and technology combines hand-on tech learning with institutional, theoretical, and critical perspectives (2023 version).  Gaming and education is a summer class, a blazingly fast and fun immersion in the topic (2022).

But set me aside.  My colleagues are brilliant.  I learn a great deal from Eddie Maloney, Dawan Stanford, Maggie Debelius, Yianna Vovides, Randy Bass, David Ebenbach, Lee Skallerup Bessette, and more.  And the students are amazing.  Most come from around the world and a wild range of backgrounds and interests.  Class discussions are a treat.

So much comes out of the LDT world.  Students create great research and projects.  Faculty write books and make other media.  A bunch of, well, everyone collaborated on the powerful Big Rethink project.

Check out the LDT website.  Look into the classes I teach, if those interest you.  Fling questions at me or the program staff.  Then, if this engages you, apply!

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