And now for something different and less dire

For weeks I’ve been posting about dread, decline, and death.

I know that’s hard and heavy.  So I wanted to cheer you all up.

Here’s a story about goats.  Many goats, stomping into a Welsh town:

This may have inspired an English vision:

coronavirus Dalek

One friend imagines them chanting: “Inoculate! IN OC U LAAAAAATE!”

Another friend and epic Whovian waggishly observes:

You may now return to your lockdowns – but watch the streets for unusual visitors.

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4 Responses to And now for something different and less dire

  1. Leigh Marthe says:

    Thank goodness!

  2. Michael Haggans says:

    Yes. We all needed that

  3. Glen McGhee, FHEAP says:

    Sorry to interrupt this distraction, but the US Secretary of Education is trying to blow-up online education. Here’s the new 668 and 600 regulation changes. You have a month to comment. Thanks! Glen

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