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Another college commits to a queen sacrifice

A certain strategy is increasingly available to financially stressed American colleges and universities.  It involves cutting selected majors and programs while removing tenure-track faculty. I’ve dubbed this strategy the queen sacrifice, drawing on that desperate chess move whereby a player … Continue reading

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Race, sex, law, and drones: this week’s snapshots of the future

Today I’d like to share some current stories that suggest to me ways higher education might proceed.  I’ve picked them out of my horizon scanning work. I’ve done this before, but now I’d like to link them clearly to FTTE report … Continue reading

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Public higher ed: still in the Great Recession’s shadow

Part of my work on higher education’s future concerns the economics of colleges and universities.  This topic is often underappreciated, I find, as we can get distracted by the thousand other aspects of higher ed.  Or, worse, we just discuss … Continue reading

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What role will academia play if the US-China conflict escalates?

What will happen to American academia if tensions between China and the United States escalate? I’d like to explore this through a recently released intelligence community report, but should preface it with an introduction. Increasing US-China tensions is a possibility … Continue reading

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Senior citizens hold more student debt: a Wall Street Journal report

American senior citizens are holding a growing amount of student loan debt, according to the Wall Street Journal.  This is an important trend for a lot of reasons, so I’ll use this post to share some of the article’s highlights. … Continue reading

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A passel of stories about education and technology

Here’s another one of my futures story samplers, where I identify some interesting developments in higher education and technology, then seek to understand the way they embody trends. ITEM: student demand for computer science classes is surging nationwide, often beyond … Continue reading

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Another American college to close

Another American college announced its impending demise.  Once again the campus is located in New England.  Vermont’s Green Mountain College, 185 years old, will cease operations shortly, according to its (last) president. GMC is a very, very small college.  710 … Continue reading

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This week’s stories of higher education in trouble: merger, consolidation, and beer

Recently an interviewer asked me why I referred to a higher education crisis or bubble.  I had many answers, including “the book should be out this fall.”  Other answers included stories of colleges and universities in trouble. Today I’d like … Continue reading

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A Boston liberal arts college will close

Newbury College, an American liberal arts campus in the Boston area, will close next year. An announcement from the campus president appears directly on the college’s main page.  “[W]e intend to cease operations after the Spring 2019 semester.” What is … Continue reading

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From the 2018 ITHAKA Next Wave conference: libraries, publishers, and higher education

Last week I helped emcee the ITHAKA Next Wave conference.  It was a rich and powerful experience, and I want to share some reflections here. The event presented cutting-edge thinking about the future of higher education, from economics to demographics, … Continue reading

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