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56: another great year closer to the grave

Yesterday I turned 56 years old. Once more I rode the Earth for a single solar orbit, busily working on the planet’s surface while generating my share of electromagnetic emissions hurtling into space at the speed of light. Here I’ll … Continue reading

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My month after COVID

It’s been about a month since I came down with COVID-19, after nearly three years of researching the virus.  Since the aftermath is interesting from medical and public health perspectives, I thought I’d continue to share my story here.  It’s … Continue reading

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COVID diary, day 8 – out of isolation!

My COVID infection and isolation diary, continued. (Previous posts: days 1-2, 3-4, 5-7) November 5 I slept late again, easily, and only woke around 10 am when a campus public health officer called to check on me.  I felt clear-headed, … Continue reading

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COVID diary days 5-7

My COVID-19 infection and isolation experience, continued. (Previous posts: days 1-2, 3-4) November 2 …and I woke up at noon, to my son shaking me. Apparently my family wanted me to do a quick vitals check. Numbly I stuck my … Continue reading

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COVID diary, days 3+4

Notes on being COVID afflicted, days 3 and 4: October 31 Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I hate having to miss it due to a very non-fantastic, all too mundane bit of horror. Today my symptoms are better.  No … Continue reading

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COVID-19 finally gets me, days 1 and 2

So this happened, as they say: That was yesterday morning. To back up and explain: I’ve avoided COVID since the start.  I’ve masked, social distanced, vaccinated, shunned people, the works.  But lately clients have been wanting more in-person experience, especially … Continue reading

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Another day in the life of a futurist

I wanted to offer another “day in the life of a futurist” installment.  I did a couple in 2017 and 2018, so this is overdue. To make up for the delay, I chose an extreme day: October 6, 2022, 12:01 … Continue reading

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Year three of the pandemic: one million plus dead in America and we’re moving on

997,083. That’s the number of Americans killed by COVID-19 so far, according to the CDC. We think of it as a million, if we think of it at all. That’s not just because large statistics are often hard to parse, … Continue reading

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I couldn’t turn 55, but I did, and I am

In February of each year I have my birthday. This year I turned 55. Yes, 55, a number which does have its own song:   So let me take a step back from the blog’s usual topics, withdraw from the … Continue reading

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The climate crisis has hit the Smithsonian Museum and it will get worse

This week I have a lot of topics in the hopper: COP-26, the new COVID variant (Omicron), an update on an educational game I’ve been developing.  But for now I want to share a single story about a far larger … Continue reading

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