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COVID diary days 5-7

My COVID-19 infection and isolation experience, continued. (Previous posts: days 1-2, 3-4) November 2 …and I woke up at noon, to my son shaking me. Apparently my family wanted me to do a quick vitals check. Numbly I stuck my … Continue reading

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COVID diary, days 3+4

Notes on being COVID afflicted, days 3 and 4: October 31 Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I hate having to miss it due to a very non-fantastic, all too mundane bit of horror. Today my symptoms are better.  No … Continue reading

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COVID-19 finally gets me, days 1 and 2

So this happened, as they say: That was yesterday morning. To back up and explain: I’ve avoided COVID since the start.  I’ve masked, social distanced, vaccinated, shunned people, the works.  But lately clients have been wanting more in-person experience, especially … Continue reading

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Another day in the life of a futurist

I wanted to offer another “day in the life of a futurist” installment.  I did a couple in 2017 and 2018, so this is overdue. To make up for the delay, I chose an extreme day: October 6, 2022, 12:01 … Continue reading

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Year three of the pandemic: one million plus dead in America and we’re moving on

997,083. That’s the number of Americans killed by COVID-19 so far, according to the CDC. We think of it as a million, if we think of it at all. That’s not just because large statistics are often hard to parse, … Continue reading

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I couldn’t turn 55, but I did, and I am

In February of each year I have my birthday. This year I turned 55. Yes, 55, a number which does have its own song:   So let me take a step back from the blog’s usual topics, withdraw from the … Continue reading

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The climate crisis has hit the Smithsonian Museum and it will get worse

This week I have a lot of topics in the hopper: COP-26, the new COVID variant (Omicron), an update on an educational game I’ve been developing.  But for now I want to share a single story about a far larger … Continue reading

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Nearly two years of eating a vegan diet: a futurist’s update and a giant menu

The past week has been a blur. Meetings, international presentations, two seminars with great students, a fine Future Trends Forum session, more family health problems, more planning the next book release, a stack of projects in various stages of realization, … Continue reading

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I now have a Wikipedia entry

There is now a Wikipedia page about me, thanks to some kind people.  It’s quite exciting to see and even validating. buy albuterol online buy albuterol no prescription generic It also feels  appropriate, since I’ve been teaching, researching, and presenting … Continue reading

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Getting my second COVID vaccination

On February 14th I received my first COVID vaccination.  This week, on March 8th, I got the second one. I’d like to share my impressions here for a few reasons, starting with my customary transparency. buy tadora online buy tadora … Continue reading

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