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Getting my second COVID vaccination

On February 14th I received my first COVID vaccination.  This week, on March 8th, I got the second one. I’d like to share my impressions here for a few reasons, starting with my customary transparency. Perhaps this little account will … Continue reading

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Getting my first COVID vaccination shot: good news, bad news

On Sunday I received my first COVID-19 vaccination. I’d like to describe the story here.  That’s partly to demystify the experience for anyone who might be skeptical of the shot. And perhaps this is a bit of useful documentation for … Continue reading

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Turning 54: delight, decay, nostalgia, the future

I was born 54 years ago today. I’ve blogged about birthdays here a few times (2019, 2018, 2018, 2017).  There are other personal posts here, including one last month looking back at 2020.  This is awkward for me. Maybe it’s … Continue reading

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2020 and me: personal reflections

Here’s a 2020 story: this Tuesday my wife became the first person in our house to get a COVID-19 vaccine. She received it so soon because of her new job as a contact tracer for the county east of ours. … Continue reading

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A splendid award from the Council of Independent Colleges

November is turning out to be quite a month. Here I don’t mean for the world.  The world is definitely having a major November, especially in the US.  We’ve seen a major national election in the United States, a booming … Continue reading

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Did a county slap a toggle term onto a major university?

How are colleges and universities handling COVID-19 infections this semester? Of all the many strategies in play now, the Toggle Term has been catching some media attention, probably because it’s more dramatic than an academic year decision.  I’m tracking more … Continue reading

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Goodbye, delicious steak: adapting to a vegan diet in 2020

What’s it like to switch from a diet based on meat and animal products to one entirely consisting of plants? Back in January I wrote about experimenting with a vegan diet.  After a lifetime of meat eating I started the … Continue reading

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Today’s COVID-19 anecdote: an encounter with the maskless

We just had an intense experience.  Consider it a small narrative of the pandemic, a tiny COVID-19 socialization datapoint. Earlier this afternoon my wife and I walked to the nearest drugstore to buy meds.  Also, I really needed a walk.  … Continue reading

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My Patreon supporters are awesome

As we approach 2020’s midpoint, I wanted to take a moment to thank the fine people who support my work on Patreon. As an independent futurist, I can only do this work with the help of kind supporters.  111 folks … Continue reading

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The coronavirus and I: an Easter update

Happy Easter to readers who celebrate that holiday. After weeks of analysis, forecasting, and research-sharing, I wanted to take this weekend moment for a personal post, to update you on what I’m up to and how I’m doing.  Analysis, forecasting, … Continue reading

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