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In silver memory

On this day in 1993 Ceredwyn and I were married in Ann Arbor, Michigan. All that morning rain threatened or actually occurred, giving us the agita of activating contingency planning along with trying hard not to think of grim omens. … Continue reading

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I return to teaching

It might be early July this week, but I’m thinking… back to school!  That’s because this fall I will teach a university class for the first time in a while. The class concerns the future of higher education.  Its full … Continue reading

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Will the United States experience civil unrest in 2018-2019?

How likely is it that current American political tensions will escalate into civil unrest? I’ve raised this question previously.  As a futurist looking at politics and culture, I first asked the question in late 2016, shortly after Trump’s election, and … Continue reading

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Five years ago this week we started something new. What has it become?

On June 12th, 2013, my wife and I launched a wild project.  We created Bryan Alexander Consulting from scratch, and hurled it into an unsuspecting world. I’ve been updating you all about its progress ever since.  You can find blog … Continue reading

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Becoming an accidental futurist

People sometimes ask me how I became a futurist.  It’s a flattering question, and the answer is a bit messy. I haven’t written about it before, so I’ll share the story now.  Maybe this will be historically useful for showing … Continue reading

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Turning 51: entering the quinquagenarian age

Yesterday I turned 51 years old.  After writing about a milestone birthday last year, I thought I’d follow up this year.  Consider it an attempt to look at one’s life head on, or a snapshot of a certain stage in … Continue reading

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The New Media Consortium: updates and next steps

Nearly one week ago the New Media Consortium stunned the education technology world by announcing it was shut down and liquidate its assets.  It’s been a wild and weird few days. With this post I’d like to update everyone.  Please … Continue reading

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Support my work, please! Holiday fundraising begins

As the holidays draw nigh, I’m announcing a new tradition: a year end fundraiser! As an independent education futurist, I work full time to produce research.  This appears in articles, chapters, books, videos, interviews, and podcasts.  I also produce this … Continue reading

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Patreon reverses itself; what next?

Over the past week a controversy ignited the crowdfunding stratum of the internet.  It was important for that group of people, and also impacted my work directly.  It seems to be over now, but could well resume.  There may be … Continue reading

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Getting the future wrong: my bad forecasts

It’s essential for futurists to analyze their own forecasting work over time.  We check to see how we can improve our skills and understanding by looking back at how we looked ahead. It sounds obvious, and it is obvious within … Continue reading

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