The college admissions/athletics scandal gets parodied

The recent college admissions/athletics scandal continues to roll on, with commentary, revelations, firings, and denunciations rippling across the land.  But for now I wanted to draw attention to jokes about it.

The Onion poked at the college sports angle with a cruel riff purporting to come from the NCAA:

“As an organization that always strives to squeeze money out of college athletics, I’m disgusted that this all went on right under our noses without us getting so much as a taste… To miss out on such a lucrative pay-to-play scheme goes against everything the NCAA stands for.”

Read more for a fierce whack at that organization, as well as the commercialization of college sports.

Then McSweeney’s offered a fake response from an elite university not included in the scandal.

[W]e were appalled, disgusted, and outraged that not a single one of them was using these deviant tactics to get into the University of Pennsylvania.

That one manages to mock academia’s pecking order, university marketing, and regional competition.

Both of these satires boldly ventriloquize leading voices in higher ed.  Each uses the scandal’s shock to parody not the scandal itself to much as the normal, accepted features of higher ed.


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One Response to The college admissions/athletics scandal gets parodied

  1. Dahn Shaulis says:

    The real scandal in US higher education has been taking place for hundreds of years. The US higher ed industry was built on a larger system of genocide, enslavement, and worker oppression. And it continues to reflect and reinforce a growing race and class divide.

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