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How important is higher ed to Americans?

What do Americans think about higher education?  According to a new Gallup poll we value it a bit less than we recently did. For anyone involved in or thinking about higher ed, this is important data. To begin with, the … Continue reading


The most dangerous report in higher education

Last week a small, Boston-based firm prepared to release a report about the financial status of nearly 1,000 American colleges and universities.  Inside Higher Ed prepped an article on Edmit’s report. The report never appeared. In this post I’ll try … Continue reading


Another academic merger; another college exits Vermont

Another higher education merger just hit the news.  Marlboro College (in southern Vermont) will merge with Emerson College (of Boston, Mass.) over the next eight months. This is a fresh story, so my post is a hot take based only … Continue reading


Thoughts on the latest college admission and athletics scandal

This week the FBI arrested a bunch of wealthy people and their helpers for corrupting the admissions process of several elite colleges and universities.  As the Washington Post put it, the alleged perps were “part of a long-running scheme to … Continue reading

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Notes on China: possible threats to American higher education

How will developments in US-China relations impact those nations’ higher education systems? My readers and listeners know that China has played a key part in American academia’s expansion into international markets.  I’ve drawn attention to the recent growth in the … Continue reading

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Higher education: the admissions officer view

What can we learn about higher education listening to the staff who run admissions offices?  Inside Higher Ed partnered with Gallup to survey nearly 500* of these administrators.  The results are very useful for anyone looking into higher ed’s present … Continue reading


Americans sour on higher education’s future: new Pew survey

What do Americans think about higher education and its future? I’ve been answering this question for years, and so it’s good to get new information. A new Pew study by Anna Brown just appeared, and the results are both intriguing and … Continue reading


A sanguine discussion about the fate of small colleges

What’s going to happen with America’s small colleges? A radio conversation yesterday explored this very usefully.  Vermont Public Radio (VPR) interviewed several local higher education leaders, involving some listener questions, and I recommend listening to the discussion.  Yes, Vermont is … Continue reading

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