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Imagining future universities with Midjourney images

What might future campuses look like? I’ve been using AI art programs for a while, getting to generate images for classes, presentations, social media, and entertainment.  The nexus of automation and creativity is something I’ve been brooding about for years.  … Continue reading

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More on changing American religion and higher education

Greetings from Santiago, Chile.  I am here to give a talk to, and meet with people at, an Ellucian users’ conference. It’s lovely to be in person for an educational technology event.  I’m masked, but can still bask in human … Continue reading

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Campus climate change schema: one example

Yesterday I shared a simple framework for understanding how campuses may approach climate change. That post offered a few hypothetical examples. Today I’d like to add a real world example. Let’s start with the University of Texas-Austin.  A Bloomberg report … Continue reading

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Emporia State University fires tenure-track faculty, commits a queen sacrifice

Emporia State University has just fired a group of faculty members, including those on the tenure track.  It’s the latest example of what I’ve called a queen sacrifice. (This occurs when a college or university cuts tenure-track faculty members. The … Continue reading

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Biden announces a student loan forgiveness policy

Today president Biden announced a new policy for student debt forgiveness. I’d like to summarize what it offers, share some thoughts, then invite you all to comment. The plan specifies amounts to be forgiven: “The Department of Education will provide … Continue reading

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How will colleges and universities plan for January? A crowdsourced tracking project

How will higher education respond to the Omicron wave next month? As I’ve said before, it’s difficult to forecast what COVID will do, given the variability of the virus itself as well as how humans respond to its action.  What … Continue reading

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Looking ahead to COVID-19’s third year: what it may mean for higher education

As I was finishing this post two pandemic stories unrelated to higher education hit my various feeds about the same time.  One was from a finance reporter, who proclaimed his delight in going to many social gatherings, from indoor restaurants … Continue reading

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Two state university systems shrink over a year and a decade

For years I’ve been projecting and observing a decline in American higher education.  Reality keeps giving examples of those projections becoming observable data.  Today’s case in point is a pair of state university systems, one in Pennsylvania, the other in … Continue reading

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Have master’s degrees gone too far? A critique and a discussion

Have master’s degrees become a problem? Last week New America’s education policy leader Kevin Carey gave an interview to Slate.  In it Carey and his interlocutor, Jordan Weissmann, argued that American master’s degree* programs have been corrupt and dangerous in … Continue reading

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Bill Maher vs. higher ed

Last Friday night a high profile American comedian and tv host presented a criticism of higher education.  In a little more than six minutes Bill Maher took academia to task for a range of problems. I find this critique useful … Continue reading

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