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Live-blogging the Dickinson College International Climate Symposium, day 1

This week I’m participating in an exciting conference, the Science-Based Choices for Climate Action, Insights from the IPCC 6th Assessment Report.  I look forward to soaking up presentations, and also to feedback from my presentation about higher education’s future. I‘m … Continue reading

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One university’s climate change plan

How might higher education grapple with the climate crisis? One example recently appeared from Harvard University.* A campus group there issued recommendations for how that institution could approach the problem. I’d like to summarize, then analyze, that document here. 1: … Continue reading

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Talking about higher education, the future, and climate change at Culture Study

This week an interview with me appears in Anne Helen Peterson‘s Culture Study newsletter.  The excellent Colleen Murphy asked me good questions about higher education, climate change, Universities on Fire, and the future. Peterson’s introduction includes this passage, which offered … Continue reading

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Imagining future universities with Midjourney images

What might future campuses look like? I’ve been using AI art programs for a while, getting to generate images for classes, presentations, social media, and entertainment.  The nexus of automation and creativity is something I’ve been brooding about for years.  … Continue reading

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More on changing American religion and higher education

Greetings from Santiago, Chile.  I am here to give a talk to, and meet with people at, an Ellucian users’ conference. It’s lovely to be in person for an educational technology event.  I’m masked, but can still bask in human … Continue reading

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Campus climate change schema: one example

Yesterday I shared a simple framework for understanding how campuses may approach climate change. That post offered a few hypothetical examples. Today I’d like to add a real world example. Let’s start with the University of Texas-Austin.  A Bloomberg report … Continue reading

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How campuses might act on climate change: a new framework

How might academia grapple with the climate emergency over the next years and decades? Today I’d like to offer a simple schema to start conversations.  Some of you know I’ve been research this topic for years (Universities on Fire is … Continue reading

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Extreme heat and California higher education

Several times academics have told me that climate change is “too futuristic” to discuss, in terms of how it impacts higher education. buy priligy online buy priligy no prescription generic   It no longer surprises me, but it is still … Continue reading

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Extreme heat, reduced rivers, and higher education

For years I’ve been researching and writing about the impact of climate change on higher education. This summer has brought global warming to the forefront; will academia take the crisis more seriously as a result? To recap from the past … Continue reading

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The Inflation Reduction Act and higher education: open thread

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is now a reality, after Congress passed it and president Biden signed it into law. It’s a mix of different items, from giving Congress new drug price negotiating powers to tweaking tax codes, but I … Continue reading

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