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How campuses engage with the climate crisis: a taxonomy

How might colleges and universities grapple with the climate crisis? This question is the subject of much of my work now, as you can see from these posts. Researching answers can lead in a wide range of directions, not to … Continue reading

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Imagining the climate crisis in the near future: Neal Stephenson’s Termination Shock

Science fiction set in the near future can be very useful for futurists. Such stories give us glimpses of the present day unfolding over just a few years.  Creators either work with current trends, imagine new developments, or both. That’s … Continue reading

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The climate crisis has hit the Smithsonian Museum and it will get worse

This week I have a lot of topics in the hopper: COP-26, the new COVID variant (Omicron), an update on an educational game I’ve been developing.  But for now I want to share a single story about a far larger … Continue reading

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Academia, climate change, and the future: an interview with Kim Stanley Robinson

How might the climate crisis unfold?  What should academia do about it? One year ago our online book club read Kim Stanley Robinson‘s recent novel about one way the next few decades could play out, The Ministry for the Future … Continue reading

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The Biden administration seems to support increased academic engagement with the climate crisis

It looks like the Biden administration is taking an interest in how colleges and universities respond to climate change.  At least that’s a conclusion we can draw from this University World News account of a recent speech by John Kerry, … Continue reading

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Climate change changes students: one story

This week I’m revising my climate change book manuscript.  Various chapters are in the hands of some thoughtful and generous readers, helping me hone the text.  I’m about to smoosh all of the pieces into a single, staggering Word doc … Continue reading

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The United Nations publishes a climate report; I ask a question

Greetings from the start of fall in the northern hemisphere.  Here in northeastern Virginia temperatures are oscillating, giving us alternating glimpses of summer and autumn.  The cats are not entirely pleased, suspecting that humans have, once again, failed to arrange … Continue reading

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Reading the new IPCC climate crisis report: part 1

Today we’ll start our reading of the new IPCC climate report. In this post you’ll find a summary of the “Summary for Policymakers,” along with questions, observations, and some resources.  We’re following the online reading plan laid out here. 1: … Continue reading

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Read the IPCC climate change report with us!

Yesterday the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published a major set of reports about the climate crisis. These are very important documents for the topic, and so I’d like to host an online reading and discussion of them with … Continue reading

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Should higher education advance or oppose geoengineering?

As the climate crisis deepens, geoengineering options are in the air.  My question for today is: should academia support and advance geoengineering research, development, and deployment, or should higher education do its best to resist any such efforts? To explain: … Continue reading

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