Walkaway: our book club reading schedule

On April 2nd I announced that our online book club‘s new reading will bve Cory Doctorow’s near future science fiction novel Walkaway (FTTE bookstore link). In this post I’ll outline the reading plan.

Walkaway coverHere’s how it’ll work.

Every week I’ll post a summary of that week’s reading, along with some reflections and discussion questions.  I’ll also add links, quotes, or summaries of readers’ responses, including resources related to the book and its topics. Each week’s reading is about one third of the novel.

People can read on that timeline, as their individual schedules permit.  There’s been some lead time since the announcement, plus a week until the first post, so folks might have some time to read ahead.  You can share your thoughts about the novel in the comment box attached to each blog post.

If you can’t match the reading schedule, don’t worry!  The blog posts and their comment boxes will remain for you to address when you get to them.

Historically, our book club readers have also used other technologies to share their thoughts, including posts on their own blogs, Twitter, and even making web pages and toys.  (For a good example, check out the creative engagement with this reading.) Let’s see how people respond this time.

Here’s the schedule:

April 30: chapter 1 (“Communist Party”) and 2 (“You All Meet in a Tavern”).

May 7: 3 (“Takeoff”), 4 (“Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig”), 5 (“Transitional Phase”).

May 14: 6 (“The Next Days of a Better Nation”), 7 (“Prisoner’s Dilemma”), epilogue (“Even Better Nation”).

May 16: live Future Trends Forum conversation with Cory.

I’m tagging all blogposts Walkaway, including this one, so you can find them easily.

So it’s time to get your copies of the novel from local library or Amazon or local bookstore, and start reading!

Any questions or recommendations or observations?

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