The institutions and organizations I've been consulting with

In 2013 I launched a business, Bryan Alexander Consulting (BAC).  Since then I have worked with nearly one hundred organizations, helping them with a variety of various services.

In 2013 I set up a basic web presence for BAC.  I wanted the futures consulting work to be as public and transparent as possible, and that site helped.  The site included a clients list, but for years I didn’t made it public. Honestly, I’ve been too busy with the business – a fine problem to have! – and have also been taking a great deal of care with the page’s details, making sure everything was accurate, and that I had reliable contact information for each one. Finally, I’m sharing that list of clients.

Bryan Alexander Consulting clients

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I’m doing so for transparency’s sake.  You can see the types of colleges, libraries, governments, non-profits, and other organizations I’ve worked with.  This should tell you about BAC’s priorities and experience.

I also wanted to step back and attempt some perspective on the consulting work.

One theme that comes to mind while scrolling down the page is wild institutional diversity.  You see, for more than a decade (circa 1997-2013) I really dwelled in the liberal arts world.  That’s where I taught, and was also the focus of the nonprofit (NITLE) I subsequently worked for.  Since then my consulting has really branched out, connecting with community colleges, state universities, research universities, and historically black colleges and universities.  There are religious schools from different denominations, graduate schools, and technical institutions.

There’s a similar variety in the organizations and association sector.  Library groups, standards organizations, collaboratives, service providers, religiously themed entities, and more.  Taken together with the colleges and universities, this fits into my goal of better understanding the future of all of higher education, not just one particular niche, then bringing that understanding to as wide an audience as possible.

You can also see the geographical range BAC has been encompassing.  Most of the United States appears, either with specific institutions or regional organizations.  And international clients appear, from Mexico to Iceland, Malta to Canada.  This has been so important to my thought and work for more than a decade.

Almost all of the work has been with nonprofits.  There are only a handful of companies represented so far.

Above all this list represents an awful lot of people.  As a consultant, I know these people have sought me out and trusted my work.  That’s one of the most humbling realizations of my career.  It’s also a joy.



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