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NITLE leadership programThis summer I’m offering another instance of my NITLE Shared Practice Leadership Program on MOOCs, Online Learning, and Campus Strategy.

It’s an online program for a small group (fewer than twelve) of people working in higher education.  The topic is how each participant’s institution can better strategize about their response to MOOCs. We use a mix of various technologies to meet, converse, reflect, and plan: Google+ Hangout, email, Diigo, Canvas.

It’s the second time I’ve offered this program.  The first is nearly done, and has been very exciting.  Participants are faculty and staff from a variety of liberal arts institutions, and discussion has been rich.  For a sample you can check out the team’s Diigo group.

If your college, university, library, museum, or other organization is thinking hard about MOOCs, please consider joining us.  I’m happy to answer questions here or elsewhere, of course.

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