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My class, two weeks in

Teaching for the first time in sixteen years continues to be exhilarating and fascinating. LDES-703 is an interesting experiment, a hybrid on several levels.  Our live sessions take place one night each week.  For those most of the students gather … Continue reading

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Heading into my new class

This week I started teaching my first class since 2002.  I’d like to blog about the experience. In this post I’ll describe what I hope to achieve with the class: how I’m organizing it and what I expect.  I’ll add … Continue reading

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Our favorite mobile apps: Appy Hour on the Future Trends Forum

What are the best apps for education?  What can their selection tell us about the evolution of technology? Last Thursday the Future Trends Forum ran an experiment.  We didn’t host a guest, as we usually do.  Instead, we hosted an … Continue reading

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Post 1,000

Today’s post is number 1,000. That’s one thousand individual blog posts over the past seven+ years. What does this milestone number mean? We can look at it through stats. One thousand posts consist of 620,334 words, according to the WP Word … Continue reading

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Digg is going to kill Digg Reader; what should we do now?

After five years of operation Digg Reader, an RSS reader, is about to be killed. Here’s what greeted me over the weekend when I fired it up in a web browser: As far as I can tell there haven’t been any … Continue reading

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Reading blogs in 2018: thoughts and things to do

So are blogs dead in 2018, or are they a viable part of the web? To find out I decided to exploit my friends reach out to my social networks to see what kind of blog activity they were currently up … Continue reading

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I defy the world and go back to RSS

It may be perverse, but in this age of Facebook (now 2 billion strong) I’ve decided to rededicate myself to RSS reading.  That’s right: old school, Web 2.0 style. Why? A big reason is that Facebook’s front page is so, … Continue reading

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Redoing my social media ecosystem for 2016: mostly the consumption side

It’s the time of year when green leaves start to anticipate their plummeting deaths, and I’m thinking about what I’m doing on the web. During this late summer there’s been a lot of reflection concerning where the web has lurched to … Continue reading

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Getting better news: my daily routine

Some of you know I make a habit of criticizing American tv news, because it’s generally awful.  After one such mocking a Twitter friend asked, “what do you favor for news?”  I decided to answer, because ultimately it’s a good … Continue reading

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What podcatcher should I use?

I’m looking for a new podcatcher.  Which one should I try? Background: I’m a serious podcast listener, subscribing to dozens (here’s an annotated list).  Podcasts play an important part in my life, both for research and entertainment.  I listen several … Continue reading

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