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COVID-19 guts the middle: Matt Reed on higher ed, the economy, and the pandemic

How will the pandemic reshape higher education? Matt “Dean Dad” Reed offers an intriguing model in a new column.  He posits that American colleges and universities are vulnerable to COVID-19 in a way that echoes the shape of the modern … Continue reading

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Decades late, most American states start trying to attempt to start to get around to trying to spend a little more money on higher ed

Some important new data just appeared about higher ed financing. tl;dr version: there’s good news and bad news. The good news is: nearly all American states spent more on public higher ed last year than they did the year before. … Continue reading

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The changing geography of work: a new report

How will a changing economy redistribute jobs and economic growth in the United States? McKinsey just published a new report, “The future of work in America: People and places, today and tomorrow” (summary; longer document), looking ahead to 2030 after … Continue reading

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College and university financial health: one important view

Inside Higher Ed does many fine things for the post-secondary world.  One of them is conducting repeated, careful surveys of key campus players. This week they released a survey of chief financial and business officers, a crucial constituency with vital … Continue reading

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Outsourcing campus IT: what next?

This week we learned that one Michigan campus will outsource its entire IT department.   I’d like to explore the story, as well as reflect on this as a way of thinking about the future of outsourcing in higher ed. 1. … Continue reading

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Alaska gears up to clobber its universities

The University of Alaska system just learned it will experience a 41% budget cut. This goes far beyond my queen sacrifice chess analogy and into “sweeping whole ranks of pieces off the board” terrain. Here’s the story, from what I … Continue reading

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Moving towards a cashless world

One trends I’ve been tracking through FTTE is the transition of our economy from analog to digital.  Today I want to draw your attention to one particular dimension of that historical change: the shift away from cash and towards digital … Continue reading

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Are student loans succeeding? The Roosevelt Institute thinks not.

In the United States a major way we fund higher education is through student loans.  This strategy has become central as prices soared, states reduced funding to public universities, and as more people flocked to campuses (until around 2012).  So … Continue reading

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Student loans in the present and future: a Bloomberg analysis

What’s the state of student loans for American higher ed, and how is that situation likely to develop in the future?  A new Bloomberg investigation yields some important and disturbing insights. I’ll put out some key details here. …and just … Continue reading

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Is college price inflation slowing down?

What is happening to rising higher education prices? buy desyrel online buy desyrel no prescription generic   They might not be rising as quickly as they were of late, according to a new College Board report.  They may have hit … Continue reading

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