The future of libraries and what higher ed leaders think of education: Deanna Marcum on the next Forum

Deanna Marcum

Next up on the Future Trends Forum is Deanna Marcum, from Ithaka S+R.  Together we’ll explore the future of libraries and attitudes about the future of higher education shared by campus leaders and experts.

We’ll begin by discussing how library services are changing, both in the academic world and in the public sphere.  We’ll draw on Deborah Fallows’ recent article, “The Library Card.”

The centerpiece for the second part of this Forum is the fascinating February report, “Higher Ed Insights: Results of the Fall 2015 Survey” .  Ithaka S+R’s Rayane Alamuddin, Martin Kurzweil, and Daniel Rossman assembled and queried a 110-person panel, seeking institutional leaders’ and experts’ opinions on a wide range of subjects, from adaptive learning to free tuition.  The team then broke down the responses in very useful ways.

Please join us this Tuesday morning at 11 am EST.  Click here to RSVP ahead of time, or simply click on the link to enter the event live.

For more information about Future Trends Forum, including notes from and recordings of previous discussions, click here.

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