On the empowered student: thoughts from an international team

Last year a bunch of us started up project FOEcast.  The idea was to think of new ways of understanding the future of education and technology.

Several projects have emerged from that impetus, and today I’m delighted to introduce one of them: a curated set of reports on empowered learners.

For the next month I’ll introduce each of these reports.  We’ll also host video conversations with each author, so they can say more about their thinking, and you all can ask them questions.

First up is “The Transformation of Education: Are We Reaching The Tipping Point?” by John D’Arcy (Twitter, LinkedIn), Deputy Director of the Western Academy of Beijing.  D’Arcy explores ways that institutionally conservative schools are experimenting with empowering learners and developing student-centric pedagogy.

We will hold a Zoom discussion to discuss John’s paper and the topic on June 5th, 7:30 am Beijing time.  Please join us live, or share your questions here.

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  1. Jonathan Nalder says:

    Awesome to see this next level Bryan!

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