I now have a Wikipedia entry

There is now a Wikipedia page about me, thanks to some kind people.  It’s quite exciting to see and even validating.

It also feels  appropriate, since I’ve been teaching, researching, and presenting about Wikipedia since it launched.  Also, I am a long-term (as in, since the 1990s) wiki fanatic to boot.

Bryan Levitates Again, by Cogdog

Alan Levine took this when he and I were visiting our mutual friend, the genius Barbara Ganley.  It’s a very goofy and cheerful image to adorn that page.

If you know something about me and feel wiki-ish, please take a whack at the page.  Add a detail or a link. This will help keep the article from the Wikipedia’s ferocious deletion squad, and also make it a more useful page.

Many thanks to the kind folks who made this happen.

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  1. Barbara says:

    I loooove this photo of you.

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